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Monthly Archives: May 2015

SEO on WordPress – Leveraging Your CMS

In a recent CMS (Content Management System) statistics report, about 20% of all websites were reported to be running on WordPress. Once considered primarily a tool for blogging, the software has now evolved into a versatile platform, full of flexible features and an easy-to-use interface. Among its more recent endeavors, the platform offers a wide […]

Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

If you are a website or blog owner who has yet to transition your website to a mobile friendly website version, now is most certainly the time. In an unprecedented move, Google shared that as of April 21, 2015 a new algorithm would be released that would reward mobile friendly websites. This announcement was made […]

Google Analytics – Harnessing Your Presence on the Web

Google Analytics is the most widely used web analysis service on the Internet. With the ability to create detailed reports on how visitors interact with your data, it’s little wonder. The highly comprehensive tool has proven itself to be invaluable for Internet marketing, allowing site owners to leverage information and create more effective user interactions. […]

Are Email Campaigns Still Relevant?

There are many different online marketing strategies that companies use to reach their audience. In an age where we get more junk mail in our inboxes than we do in our regular home mail boxes, one would wonder if this is an effective strategy to implement for your business. Email is Still a Valuable Way […]