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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Leveraging your Business with Google+

It’s been a few years since Google+ was launched in 2011. Looking at it from a social media standpoint, it seems a little unnecessary (which is part of the reason why it’s not as popular as Facebook or Twitter). While this may be the case, Google+ also harnesses all of the company’s services, including important […]

A Getting Started Guide to Website Registration and Hosting

Website Registration and Hosting Simplified There are two major pieces to getting started with a website – registering your domain, and connecting it to hosting. Blindspot Advisors offers hosting and domain support, including migration of existing sites. The below overview should give you the tools you need to manage website registration and hosting, as well […]

Content Marketing Explained

Content marketing is a way of using written content and media to attract and maintain customers. It’s a method that’s been around for well over a hundred years (since they started putting recipes on the back of baking powder). By giving customers relevant and often helpful information, brands are able to build interest in their […]