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Why a Digital Marketing Consultant Could Benefit You

What is digital marketing and how it is pertinent to the success of your business?   For starters, digital marketing isn’t simply marketing that’s internet or web based.  It’s any form of advertising your products or services via electronics.  Radio, television, telephone, and yes, your computers and mobile devices all fall under the umbrella of […]

SEO: Concerned with Google Penguin 4.0?

Updates and changes are inevitable bedfellows of technology and the Internet.  Recently (September 23, 2016) Google rolled out its new core search algorithm in the form of Penguin 4.0.  What does this mean for your website and how can you be sure that your online business and traffic won’t be negatively influenced?  If the following […]

3 Reasons to Choose Custom Website Development

When it comes to best business practices and the Internet, it’s no longer a question of if you need a website, but how to go about creating one.  A company without a web presence cannot thrive.  Now that this has become the rule rather than the recommendation, hundreds of templates have been made available for […]

A Getting Started Guide to Website Registration and Hosting

Website Registration and Hosting Simplified There are two major pieces to getting started with a website – registering your domain, and connecting it to hosting. Blindspot Advisors offers hosting and domain support, including migration of existing sites. The below overview should give you the tools you need to manage website registration and hosting, as well […]

The Benefits of WordPress CMS

The Benefits of WordPress CMS Originally released in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, WordPress has evolved from a simple tool for blogging into a powerful platform for site management. While there are many content management systems available, WordPress CMS stands above the rest as being the most accessible to non-developers. Easy Management Perhaps […]

Google Analytics – Harnessing Your Presence on the Web

Google Analytics is the most widely used web analysis service on the Internet. With the ability to create detailed reports on how visitors interact with your data, it’s little wonder. The highly comprehensive tool has proven itself to be invaluable for Internet marketing, allowing site owners to leverage information and create more effective user interactions. […]

The 4 Stages of Maturity for a Business

I originally heard about this concept at a Ran One advisory seminar a year ago. The specific stages made the most sense to me as I was looking back on how I had grown my own business but we can all easily relate to each stage. This model really can apply to any business. There […]