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20 Mind Blowing Facebook and Twitter Statistics

Social media continues to grow in popularity, and businesses across the world are taking advantage of these social platforms to grow their business and gain visibility. Whether your company already has a strong social presence or you’re developing your first social media marketing campaign for 2017, these 20 facts and statistics will give you a […]

LinkedIn: The Importance of Personal Profiles and Company Pages

In today’s world, being a part of a digital space like LinkedIn is not only commonplace, it’s necessary. LinkedIn is a social network, but its main focus is business and networking. While sites like Facebook and Twitter are great for sharing and connecting with your audience, LinkedIn can be utilized as a tool for growing […]

Blogging: why we do it and why you should start

Blogging is an invaluable tool regardless of whether you’re a brand new company or you’ve had an online presence for years. Having a beautifully designed website is great, but if you aren’t attracting visitors, it might be time to consider adding a blog. Blogs are beneficial because they drive traffic to your website, they’re social […]

Using SEO Rich Tweets to Expand Your Online Presence

When reading about anything in relation to online marketing or building a virtual presence, and you will eventually run into content talking about SEO. There is no way around it, SEO is critical for ensuring that your content is relevant to potential customers. Optimizing your business’ website is vital to a successful online reach and […]

2 Ways Small Business Can Maximize YouTube!

If you thought YouTube was just for watching music and cute cat videos on the Internet, think again! YouTube is actually a very powerful marketing tool or small businesses to utilize in creating content that meets a specific need, as well as the fact that people absolutely love watching videos! You may or may not […]

Content Media Marketing versus Social Media Marketing – Knowing the Difference

According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, the most effective tools for marketing to date are articles, social media, blog postings, and eNewsletters. With social media’s growing popularity (now used by an estimated 74% of marketers) it seems that defining where social media marketing begins and content media marketing ends has become a […]

Leveraging your Business with Google+

It’s been a few years since Google+ was launched in 2011. Looking at it from a social media standpoint, it seems a little unnecessary (which is part of the reason why it’s not as popular as Facebook or Twitter). While this may be the case, Google+ also harnesses all of the company’s services, including important […]

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