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Content Marketing Explained

Content marketing is a way of using written content and media to attract and maintain customers. It’s a method that’s been around for well over a hundred years (since they started putting recipes on the back of baking powder). By giving customers relevant and often helpful information, brands are able to build interest in their […]

Copywriting – the Importance of Quality Content and how it Affects SEO

With Google’s latest algorithm adjustments, search engine optimization has drifted away from keywords and shifted to focus on content quality. While keywords are still a very relevant and powerful tool in getting your site noticed, search engines are becoming increasingly more intelligent. What is Quality Content? Most quality content is said to show signs of […]

Are Email Campaigns Still Relevant?

There are many different online marketing strategies that companies use to reach their audience. In an age where we get more junk mail in our inboxes than we do in our regular home mail boxes, one would wonder if this is an effective strategy to implement for your business. Email is Still a Valuable Way […]

Importance of Social Media for B2B Companies

Social media for B2B companies is increasingly being used to generate leads, understand their customer sentiments and gain valuable insights. Business marketing revolves around communicating the value of your offering to other businesses who serve as your customers. This is where social media and blogging steps in to help increase your brand’s visibility and credibility through […]

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