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6 Reasons Why Regular Website Maintenance is Important For Businesses

Regular website maintenance is crucial for all businesses, big or small. Because the digital world is continually growing and evolving, websites often becomes the “face” of a company. This is where potential clients and customers come to not only learn about your products and services, but to understand who you are and what you stand […]

The 3 Basic Layers of Web Design

It’s enriching to learn new information and understand how marketing and the internet work together.  Blindspot is a Minnesota based web design company that focuses on broadening your understanding in many facets of the digital marketing world.  This article is to help you see and understand the process of what it takes to put a full […]

3 BIG Aspects of Digital Marketing

The digital marketing world is fast-paced and continually evolving.  As new forms of social media are introduced each year, there is a never-ending cycle of learning to master each of the new applications.  Each form of new media can have an impact of how your business is perceived and provides new opportunities to grow.  Understanding […]

The Website Build: Making the Right Choice

It can be a challenge to figure out the best route for your company when it comes to building your website. There are a number of options available and details to consider when it comes time to choose who you are going to put your faith, time, and money into. Think of it this way. […]

Responsive Web Design: What and Why?

Responsive web design is an imperative consideration to make when building your website. Why? Take a moment and consider all of the different devices you use to access the internet. Do you use a tablet to surf the web? Check email on your phone? Work from a desktop computer? Now think about all of the […]

On-site and Off-site SEO – What you need to know

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the method behind promoting online visibility. By using keyword tools and developing content marketing strategies, it’s possible to directly influence your site’s search engine rankings. This is crucial in online marketing, since it targets your potential client base and drives traffic to your site. Generally speaking, there are two […]

Leveraging your Business with Google+

It’s been a few years since Google+ was launched in 2011. Looking at it from a social media standpoint, it seems a little unnecessary (which is part of the reason why it’s not as popular as Facebook or Twitter). While this may be the case, Google+ also harnesses all of the company’s services, including important […]

Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

If you are a website or blog owner who has yet to transition your website to a mobile friendly website version, now is most certainly the time. In an unprecedented move, Google shared that as of April 21, 2015 a new algorithm would be released that would reward mobile friendly websites. This announcement was made […]

Images are the visual storyteller

We are all very visual by nature. This is why you cannot just mail it in when picking out images for your site  and social channels. When designing / building your site, creating posts and pushing out updates with social channels aligning the images up properly and deliberately is key. There are a couple of […]

Good, Fast, Cheap…pick 2

Good, Fast and Cheap. Too often people want 3 things in a website…actually this can apply to a whole bunch of stuff, but we’ll stay with the website concept for now. Here is how it breaks down. You can have good and fast but it will not be cheap You can have good and cheap […]

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