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Website Design Basics

Good art does not necessarily make good web design. Some of us may remember the early days of the web, and visiting some hilariously awful Angelfire and Geocities websites via dial up internet connections. See the World’s Worst Website Ever if you need a refresher on what that experience was like. As the web has […]

CMS Comparison: WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla

Whether you’re a new business just getting off the ground or an established company looking to increase your web presence, choosing a content management system (CMS) is an important task. Websites are by far the best way for companies to gain visibility, grow their business, and increase sales. Think about it. When you’re networking and […]

Website Security: Are You Protected?

The past couple of years have been a nightmare for thousands of companies who have had the displeasure of dealing with a website hack. Numerous stories have recently been featured on the news, think Target, Sony and JP Morgan Chase, and the results were disastrous. Regardless of whether your business is big or small, the […]

On-site and Off-site SEO – What you need to know

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the method behind promoting online visibility. By using keyword tools and developing content marketing strategies, it’s possible to directly influence your site’s search engine rankings. This is crucial in online marketing, since it targets your potential client base and drives traffic to your site. Generally speaking, there are two […]

Copywriting – the Importance of Quality Content and how it Affects SEO

With Google’s latest algorithm adjustments, search engine optimization has drifted away from keywords and shifted to focus on content quality. While keywords are still a very relevant and powerful tool in getting your site noticed, search engines are becoming increasingly more intelligent. What is Quality Content? Most quality content is said to show signs of […]

The Benefits of WordPress CMS

The Benefits of WordPress CMS Originally released in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, WordPress has evolved from a simple tool for blogging into a powerful platform for site management. While there are many content management systems available, WordPress CMS stands above the rest as being the most accessible to non-developers. Easy Management Perhaps […]

SEO on WordPress – Leveraging Your CMS

In a recent CMS (Content Management System) statistics report, about 20% of all websites were reported to be running on WordPress. Once considered primarily a tool for blogging, the software has now evolved into a versatile platform, full of flexible features and an easy-to-use interface. Among its more recent endeavors, the platform offers a wide […]

Google Analytics – Harnessing Your Presence on the Web

Google Analytics is the most widely used web analysis service on the Internet. With the ability to create detailed reports on how visitors interact with your data, it’s little wonder. The highly comprehensive tool has proven itself to be invaluable for Internet marketing, allowing site owners to leverage information and create more effective user interactions. […]

Introducing WordPress 4.0

New WordPress 4.0 WordPress 4.0, call sign named Benny,  is now here. It has some great new user enhancements for managing and updating your site. From Version 4.0 of WordPress, named “Benny” in honor of jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. While 4.0 is just […]

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