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Every Blindspot engagement, large or small, begins with the same two phases: Discovery and Translation.

Discovery is all about learning what makes you unique – identifying your specific needs and requirements, your values and goals. We then translate these back to you for validation and refinement.

The Design phase of the engagement is where we finally get to visualize all the information gleaned during the Discovery and Translation phases.  This is the web design phase where all the words and notes begin to materialize into what will soon become your online presence. Here, our website design services play out into a live site that reflects your organization as a whole.

The Design process is collaborative:  as in all other phases of our engagement, we need your input.  But we’ve learned enough to know that you are likely too busy running your own company to hold our hand during the entire build.  By now we have a good sense of what you want, and our job as a Minnesota based web design company is to bring you sketch-ups and designs that you can critique and influence.

Soon enough, together we’ve landed on a concrete plan and it’s on to the next and final phase:  Development.

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