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It starts with a conversation and leads to creating a strategy.24766939_s

If you’re looking for a company that will provide you with an “out-of-the-box” solution you’ve come to the wrong people. That’s because the real solution is often not even in the box. We start every engagement at Blindspot with a “digital discovery” session. This involves focused attention to details as well as the overall culture of the business. Thoroughly knowing who you are helps us to be able to best represent your company to the digital world.   This digital discovery session is where we learn just who you are as a business and what drives your success. Often we’ll discover things that will surprise you. Important things. Things that help us develop better and more creative solutions.

Following the discovery phase we translate our findings back to you, and begin the dialog necessary to develop a collaborative strategy. This is a team effort.  The translation phase is a crucial step that launches the team into creating a customized plan.  Since we have experts in each area of the digital marketing world, we work together to devise a specialized strategy that reflects the values of each business.   We turn the findings into valuable solutions. Too many vendors leap directly into recommending strategy without discovering who you are, what you do well and how to communicate your value to your audience.  This kind of hasty execution can easily lead to minimizing the impact that your business has online; which is not what Blindspot Advisors wants for you.  We desire to launch a precise plan that will maximize your marketing efforts and make an impact in your field of work.

Finally, the best strategy gets you nowhere without effective execution. At Blindspot we’re not happy until we see results. Implementing our collaborative strategy as a team effort to produce the best results.  Utilizing the expertise of each team member to make sure each business has a well-polished digital marketing program. Discovery, translation, strategy, execution.

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