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Strategy…where it starts

Strategy is not just focusing on what to do; it is also focusing on what not to do. To map the way to digital marketing success is to carefully navigate through the ever-changing online world. Ensuring that each turn is the right one and laying out an excellent digital marketing strategy will lead you to success.

Whether we’re building a website, creating a new set of sales materials or developing an integrated digital strategy, we always begin with a strategy — first. It is the critical lynchpin of the digital ecosystem. Sound counsel only comes from understanding, and understanding is based on listening, learning, planning and then implementing.

We’re serious when we say the Blindspot process is collaborative…it demands meaningful engagement. Whether we’re operating in an advisory or creative capacity, our first discovery discussion is focused on you. What we can do for you comes second. Stepping back and taking time to gather all of the facts, allows for gathering the bigger picture before focusing on the smaller details of the plan. We want each step of the digital marketing strategy process to be carefully considered in order to reach maximum results.

We utilize our team of trained professionals in their special niches to optimize each piece of the puzzle.  Working a strategy that is impactful in the digital world yet at the same time representing you.   In this strategy stage we ask questions such as: Who are you?  What do you do well? How do you communicate value to your audience? What drives your success? This is all a part of the discovery process that leads to the collaborative translation where we can begin advising.  Once all of this has been strategized, we can move onto the execution stage.  Where the rubber meets the road and the hard behind-the-scenes work becomes visible.

This digital space wheel is the framework and ecosystem where it starts and where we live: Strategy, Site, Social and SEO.


Digital Marketing Strategy