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Have you ever driven by the same construction site over and over, and for the longest time it seems like nothing is being accomplished save for the creation of a giant hole in the ground?  Then one day – BOOM – there stands the framing of a large building.  That’s because a solid foundation is the most important part of any build.  Once accomplished, things seem to take-off over night.

The Development phase for a website is the point where you suddenly drive by that construction site and recognize the building.  From Discovery and Translation and then on to Design, we’ve spent a lot of time getting the foundation of your website just right.  Then up it goes!

Operating on the flexible WordPress platform, our developers start from scratch to build a custom, one-of-a-kind website for your company.  As the build continues we will consult you for minor tweaks and adjustments, making sure we are always on the same page and working toward our agreed-upon design plans.  Before long we will be looking at the final draft or “dev site” together and preparing for launch day.

Because we make custom websites and never work from templates, the final product is built to fit your needs exactly.  Development phases are often associated with stress, but because we’ve already taken the time to listen, discover, collaborate and design, Development with Blindspot Advisors is instead a highly gratifying experience, one where you get to sit back and watch you company solidify its online presence and secure its foothold in the digital economy.

Website DEVELOPMENT (sometimes referred to as magic) on the other hand refers to the actual process of taking the design and using magic (i.e. HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript) to make it a website. This process usually takes around 3 weeks though can last longer depending on the functionality (i.e. what the site does) that needs to be conjured up using the mystical black arts. The beauty behind what Blindspot Advisors does is that we start every project from scratch, never using a template, which allows us to concentrate on not just creating a website but rather an ‘online solution’ to an existing problem.

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